Our family farm

A beautiful place to be. To connect. To relax. Come and wander amongst the sunflowers, through open spaces and natural grounds. Remove your shoes and breathe in the fresh air. Our whole farm is inspired by the wonderful people we call our extended farm-ily.


Girl Power 👩🏼‍🌾
Thanks for a lovely Sunday everyone 💛

See how its all grown

Hank’s current thoughts “how do people even deal with teenage piglets” 😂

pick your own sunflowers

Little Madi helping Libioso marveloso with the eggs yesterday 🐓🐥
We learn by doing, that’s why it’s so essential to involve our kids. Every day we have little ones excited by the simplest of life’s pleasures. It’s amazing to see kids so present when running around, dirtying their clothes with grass under their feet. It seems as if this is where we belong 👩🏼‍🌾🍃
Photo by our lovely friend Britt @the_o_journal_ 💛

come see hank the vegan pig


our farminG PHILOSOPHY

We believe in creating and nurturing healthy soils, that ultimately provides the building block for healthy and delicious produce. Organics is about health management and disease prevention – with no synthetic chemicals. Organic means farming in a way which cares for the environment, without relying upon synthetic chemicals and other unnatural interventionist approaches. Hence, our organic farms utilises the best of both traditional agriculture and modern techniques, using nature and natural processes as its foundation. Rather than using synthetic pesticides to kill pests, we try and prevent pests by planting a diverse range of crops, by rotating crops, using natural biological and environmentally friendly inputs, and conserving natural ecosystems. This means no artificial pesticides, no synthetic herbicides, no hormones which compromise our healthy bodies as well as our healthy farm. With many safe and proven forms of farming already available, we believes it is important to allow Mother Nature to provide us food the way nature intended. So what is the fundamental difference between organic farm practices and “conventional” or non organic?